Aquarium Design & Installation Services is proud to connect you with the best aquarium design and installation services. Our team is dedicated to building strong relationships with aquatic specialists who are second to none when it comes to designing beautiful works of art for freshwater and marine life. Through a strong vetting process, you can rest assured the installation services are of the highest quality, with a keen eye for the details that ensure your tank set up is built to last a lifetime.

Custom Aquarium Designs

If you can dream it – they can build it!

The tank technicians you’ll find through our platform collaborate with you in seeing your vision for the perfect saltwater aquarium come to fruition. We made sure they’re the pros with years of expertise, the type that’ll help you find the perfect balance of tank design wants with what’s practical and realistic for your budget.

Techs you’ll find on have designed and installed tanks for homes, businesses, colleges, hospitals, and other residential and commercial locations. Their wide range of design skills and experience lets them create a truly unique tank for each of their clients.

Here’s how the process of designing your dream saltwater tank works:

  1. Get in touch with aquarium consultants and techs
  2. Talk about your budget, location, goals, and vision for the tank
  3. Get a firm understanding of how they can turn that into a reality

The greatest aquarium professionals are those who love designing and setting up tanks of all sizes because each has its own, unique personality and flair. Tanks design, aesthetics, and marine life truly is a reflection of their owner! That’s what you get when finding pros through SWT!

Aquarium Installation

SaltWaterTank’s vetted aquarium specialists are meticulous in their design and installation. From simple setups to whole room features, techs’ extensive industry specialization will have you in awe as they work their magic to turn your tank design into a reality.

Saltwater aquarium services are extensive and detailed as they build your dream tank – including:

  • Consultation
  • Equipment set up
  • Custom features
  • Programming
  • Moving/Relocation

Use our platform to work with developers if you’re moving into a new place. Or, get set up by designing around existing features. Big or small, local or across your area, the aquarium installation companies found through us are the ones to call for fresh or saltwater, live coral, and/or reef installations.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Consult with the pros about your unique design or choose from existing tank designs
  2. They’ll assess your location and provide feedback and insights about your tank build
  3. Equipment gets ordered and they’ll prepare your space for the installation
  4. Techs arrive promptly and begin meticulously building your tank and/or feature
  5. They’ll run necessary diagnostics and prepare your fish tank for fish delivery

The aquascaping experts will do the finishing touches to your tank. Soon after, your tank will feature its livestock. This process will take a few days or several weeks depending on the size and complexity of the aquarium setup service you’re needing and requesting.

Aquarium Moving Service

Are you relocating to a new location?

Trust in the aquatic experts on to make moving your fish or reef tank a breeze. The attention to detail and delicate handling of your tank will ensure no damage comes to your fish or their home.

Why choose local professionals for your aquarium relocation?

  • Years of experience moving freshwater and marine livestock
  • A quality guarantee for re-homing your aquatic set up
  • Competitive pricing and flexible services

All that’s request is that you give providers the appropriate time to plan and execute your tank move. After all, your fish are very delicate and need special attention so they’re not overly stressed!

Connect With Professional Aquarium Services

Are you interested in having a saltwater aquarium installed or repaired? Need help maintaining your tank and its marine life? Got a question and need guidance? We’re is here to help!

Use our platform to connect with aquarium professionals in your area or get in touch with our amazing aquatic team and technicians, today, for all your aquarium needs!