Aquarium Maintenance Services

Freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks use specialty equipment to ensure crystal clear water. Yet, sometimes it can feel like the quality of your tank’s appearance is well out of your control. When your tank begins to turn murky – call aquarium specialists to make it right again!

The technicians on our platform are available for one-time and recurring aquarium maintenance visits.

Professional aquarium cleaning and tank upkeep services ensure your aquatic showcase looking like the day it was installed. And, it’ll have your fish and aquatic life happier and healthier than ever.

Aquarium Cleaning Services

You get the best when you book tank techs for aquarium cleaning services on our platform.

We’ve set up our platform to connect you with local companies, so it won’t take long for professionals to your location and get busy cleaning. You’ll find plenty of great service providers throughout your area, many with 24/7 emergency services too!

Cleaning services for aquariums tackle two major issues:

  • Algae
  • Pests

Algae growth is what’s giving your tank a cloudy, green appearance. This means something isn’t quite right with your equipment. But don’t worry, techs will get in there and scrub down the tank until it’s looking crystal clear. They’ll then assess your equipment and water quality to ensure your tank has the correct balance and nutrients, so algae growth doesn’t become a reoccurring thing.

As for pests?

Fish and other life in your aquarium are subject to pests just like us. They don’t enjoy these unwelcome guests and can even get sick because of them! It’s important that you take quick action to remedy these pests before your livestock experiences real danger!

Techs use years of experience and safe aquarium control products to eliminate pests. The result is a healthy ecosystem for all those calling your aquarium home.

Aquarium Maintenance Services

The service teams we’ve vetted will listen closely as you describe your needs. From there, you’ll get a service plan quote that best suits your tank’s and habitat’s needs. Upon approval of an aquarium maintenance plan, pros will get to work providing you with services like:

  • Water change(s)
  • Water testing
  • Filter replacement
  • Algae scraping
  • Equipment checks
  • Deliver livestock
  • Clean ornaments
  • Polish hardware
  • Clean substrate (salt tanks)
  • Clean/replace pads and media

You can choose to do this as a one-time thing or make it a recurring, monthly event. The only thing you’ll need to do once signed up for a tank maintenance plan is to feed and enjoy your aquascape and fish!

Most maintenance prices scale based on size and complexity.

Tank Upkeep Services

Our team guarantees the best aquarium maintenance services in your area. We are dedicated to finding and connecting you with flexible, affordable, and fair aquarium service companies. Plans adjust to your needs so you’re not having to compromise the integrity and health of your aquarium.

Booking cleaning and maintenance services is quite easy:

  • Find
  • Compare
  • Connect
  • Hire

Input your information in the search or use the many on-page features to connect with pros today!